how to choose auto detailer

What to Know When Hiring a Car Detailer

A good car detail will leave your vehicle looking like you’re driving it off the lot for the first time. From the gleaming exterior to the picture-perfect seats and upholstery, everything about your ride will feel brand new.

Of course, not all car detailers will be able to achieve the same results. As is the case with any service, you’ll want to take steps to choose a company that’s reputable, skilled, and willing to go the extra mile to make your car shine. (Check out Utah Auto Spa’s Salt Lake City car detailing services.)

  • Full Package Options: A good car detail will leave no part of your vehicle ignored. You’ll want to choose from options like washing, waxing, exterior detailing, UV protectants, trim and plastic work, tire and wheel cleaning, engine bay care, headlight and taillight work, interior deep cleaning, vacuuming, upholstery care, and vent cleaning. Even if you don’t opt for the full package every time, it’s nice to know that the option is there when you need it.
  • Reviews and Reputation: Online reviews and social media have made it easier than ever to get referrals and read up on a car detailer before you hire them. Take a few minutes to research the company to see what others have to say about them. They should have a strong online presence and great follow-through on all customer queries and complaints.
  • Car Make and Model: The best car detailing companies can work with almost any type of vehicle, from trucks and SUVS to motorcycles and family sedans. If you’re worried that your car make and model might not be compatible, call ahead and talk with someone who works there.
  • Costs: When you break down all the things that go into a car detail, it sounds as though it might end up costing as much as the car itself. This isn’t true. Detailing should be a cost you can work into your regular car maintenance—not only as a way to keep your car clean, but also as a way to protect your automotive investment. Look for coupon deals or “buy in bulk” packages that lower the price if you’re a regular.
  • Location: Like having your car washed, getting a detail shouldn’t take too much time out of your life (especially if you stay on top of things with regular appointments). Choose a company that’s located somewhere you can easily drop your car off and pick it up again—typically while you’re at or on your way to work—or when you have a few hours to spare.

Once you find the right company, book an appointment and relax. You’ll soon come to appreciate all the work that goes into a detail—and how amazing your car looks afterward!

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