Auto Detailing

IDA certified interior car detailing
Utah Auto Spa provides certified auto detailing services, with full certification and skill validation through the International Detailing Association (IDA). All car detailing prices apply to sedans and smaller vehicles, like Camry, Altima, Fusion, Impala, and Accord.

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Exterior Auto Detailing $150+

  • Thorough wash of exterior, including wheel wells, door jambs
  • Removal of normal accumulations of bugs, tar, tree sap
  • Remove surface contamination using “detailer’s clay”
  • Dress all exterior trim and tires
  • Apply high-quality polymer paint sealant
  • Final wipe-down of door jambs and wheels
  • Polish exterior chrome
  • Clean and seal convertible top
  • Clean exterior glass

Also Included at No Additional Cost:

  • Interior vacuum
  • Clean interior glass

Interior Auto Detailing $175+

  • Thorough vacuum of interior, including trunk or rear compartment
  • Clean and condition all interior plastic, vinyl, and leather (dash, center console, door panels)
  • Steam-clean carpets, mats, and fabric seats
  • Clean windows and mirrors

Also Included at No Additional Charge:

  • Exterior automatic wash
  • Dress tires
  • Wipe door jambs
  • Clean exterior windows

Complete Auto Detail $250+

  • Includes Interior & Exterior Detail



  • Leather conditioning
  • Steam-clean & deodorize upholstery seats
  • Steam-clean & deodorize carpeted mats
  • Fabric & carpet protection
  • Deodorization treatment


  • Headlight clarification
  • Paint restoration
  • Wheel detailing
  • Convertible top treatment
  • Engine cleaning