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Washing and Maintaining Cars for the Whole Family

Long gone are the days when most families only had one car that everyone shared. As life has grown more complex and fast-paced, the idea of the family sedan—the sole vehicle that all members use to get to work, run errands, and visit the in-laws—has been replaced by entire fleets of vehicles. It’s not out of the question for a single household to have three, four, five, or even six cars to keep up. From outdoor adventure vehicles and starter cars for each of the kids to the luxury vehicle that you’ve spent your whole life saving for, your garage may be overflowing.

While there’s much to be said about the convenience of everyone in your household having their own vehicle, it does mean there’s a lot more work to do ensuring that everything runs smoothly—and cleanly. Protecting your investment and keeping your car looking its best are still important…just multiplied a few times.

Car Washes in Bulk

This is where car wash packages and a good car wash schedule can come in handy. Not every car you own is going to need the same attention. For example, the family van will probably need an interior detail more often, since small kids and lots of carpooling can wreak havoc on your upholstery. Your teenagers’ cars might need regular wax applications, since they’re more likely to park outdoors and be exposed to the elements. And any vehicle you use to transport pets is going to need hair removal and de-odorizing more often.

Although you can sit down and write out a list of your car wash needs and how often they need to be done per vehicle, we recommend considering a monthly car wash membership for your next family gathering or holiday gift exchange. Not only is this a thoughtful way to remind your loved ones that car maintenance is important, but you can save money and time by streamlining the way they visit the car wash. Everyone will have access to the same services, but can visit on their own terms.

You can also turn car washing into a family activity. By setting aside a day when everyone will go and get their car washed, you can enjoy some together time while also maintaining your vehicles.

Finding the Right Schedule

It’s easy to stick to repair, maintenance, and cleaning schedules when there is only one vehicle that everyone depends on. When there are multiple cars to consider, you might have to do a little advance planning to ensure that everyone is on board.

The next time you’re at the car wash, ask about family packages, gift card services, and other bulk car wash plans that will make it easy for you to stay on top of your car cleaning routine!

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