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Restoring Car Headlights

Over time, your vehicle’s headlights will get dull, yellow, and build up an appearance of fog on the inside of the plastic. You might not notice the difference on the headlight itself right away, but you will notice a gradual darkening of your field of vision. Eventually, your vision could become so impaired that driving becomes a hazard at night.

Replacing your headlights can cost anywhere from $250 to $700—a cost that is rarely covered by your insurance. Headlight restoration from a car detail shop, like Utah Auto Spa, comes at a fraction of the price and offers an almost complete revitalization of your headlights. You’ll be driving like new in no time! (Check our Auto Detailing services menu under “Additional Services.”)

Why Do Headlights Get Foggy?

Almost all headlights are made from a polycarbonate plastic. This material has the benefit of being durable and not shattering easily, but it’s also susceptible to the elements. Like most of your car’s exterior, it comes with a protective clear coating, but this fades over time. UV damage is the biggest culprit, but micro-scratches from rocks and dirt and chemicals from the winter roads can also play a role.

How Do You Restore Headlights?

Restoring a headlight is as easy (and as complex) as removing the factory-issued protective clear coat and replacing it with a new one. Like putting a new coat on your car’s paint, this will remove all signs of wear and tear and restore it to the same shine it had when you drove off the lot for the first time.

To remove the clear coat, we use a buffing process that removes the damaged parts without impacting the headlight itself. What follows then is a series of polishing, headlight restoration, and protective coat application. Once this new coat cures, your car is ready to hit the road once again.

What to Expect After Headlight Restoration

You’ll notice the change to your car’s appearance and night driving almost immediately. No more will you have to resort to turning on your brights or relying on street lamps to light your way. Your visibility will be restored…and so will your vehicle’s value.

In addition to the obvious benefits, you can also rest easy knowing that your headlights are protected against future damage. Although the sun and elements will eventually eat away at the clear coat once again, we take steps to ensure that you’ll enjoy a crystal clear pair of lights for years to come.

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