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Car Detailing FAQ

If you’ve never had your car detailed before, you might wonder just what goes into it. What makes a detail different from a car wash? How long will the detail take? And what can you expect when you arrive?

If you don’t see your car detail question answered here, we welcome you to contact our detailers at 801-972-0670. We’ll walk you through the process and even book you an appointment so you can see for yourself what the results will be!

What is a car detail?

Car detailing is a thorough, detailed wash designed to make your car look as close to brand new as possible. Interior and exterior car detailing consists of cleaning the entire vehicle, with a focus on all those nooks and crannies that are missed during a standard wash. Depending on the services you opt for, it might include removing exterior scratches and oxidation spots as well as shampooing the carpets and cleaning out all vents, just to name a few. Nothing will get you a deeper or more thorough clean both inside and out.

Why do I need car detailing?

Having a like-new car is a perk all by itself, but car detailing also helps maintain your car’s resale value if you plan to sell or trade in on a lease. It also provides a healthier drive for your whole family by getting rid of germs in all those hard-to-reach places. In fact, lingering pet and smoke odors and difficult stains might be impossible to get out any other way.

Who should get car detailing?

Everyone can benefit from car detailing. Some people like having a monthly detail to maintain their car’s appearance at all times. Others like to get it done after buying a used car or getting ready to list their ride for sale. Still others prefer to get a detail before (or after) a long road trip, after a particularly dirty ride, or after a spill or other accident. If you’re getting ready to offer ride share services, it might even be required before you can take on passengers.

What should I do to my car before I arrive?

Although we’ll take your car in any state, we do ask that you throw away all garbage and remove your personal effects (including car seats and any items in your trunk) before you arrive. This will make it easier for us to get right to work.

How long will the detail last?

This depends almost entirely on you. We’ll do our best to provide protective coatings on the exterior (wax and/or clear coat) as well as the interior (UV protection for leather and stain guards), but if you spend a lot of time in your car, you will see an eventual buildup of dirt, debris, and road wear.

What won’t a car detail do?

A car detail can do a lot to improve your car’s appearance, but it can’t take the place of repair work. Minor scratches and oxidation on the exterior can be buffed out, but deep scuffs, dents, and rust that’s eaten away at the metal will need deeper work. On the interior, we can do a thorough clean, but tears in the upholstery and worn-out spots will remain.

How long will the car detail take?

A full detail (both inside and out) can take around six hours, while smaller packages come in around four to five hours. Large vehicles, trucks, and SUVs may require more time. Depending on when you can drop your car off, we may ask to keep it overnight.

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