Detailer wipes down car dashboard

Benefits to a Full Automotive Detail

After a long Utah winter, getting a full automotive detail feels a lot like a day at the spa—good for comfort and for looking great, but not always at the top of the priority list. Like a spa visit, it might seem like a car detail is a luxury or indulgence. In addition to the cost of it, it takes time out of your day and routine to get it done.

However, a full automotive detail is much, much more than a day pampering for your car. When done correctly (and regularly), it becomes an investment both in your future finances and in your health. Here’s how.

  • Exterior Car Condition: Regularly washing your car is a good first step in maintaining your vehicle’s condition and appearance, but there are times when a thorough detail is called for. Exterior detailing includes things like clay work to remove residual particles, polishing and clear coating the paint job, and putting a sealant or wax finish for long-term protection against sun and water damage.
  • Attention to Detail: When you take your car through an automatic car wash (or even when you DIY it at home), it’s likely that you’re missing a few trouble areas. A detail focuses on the windows, tires, wheels and rims, trim work, door hinges, and exterior mirrors, just to name a few trouble areas. This kind of in-depth, personalized approach can’t be matched by a regular car wash.
  • Interior Odors and Stains: If you smoke in your car, travel with pets or kids, eat meals on the road, drive carpool, or provide rideshare services, then there’s a good chance you need an interior detail. Not only will we do a thorough clean of all surfaces, but we can address problem areas and odors that you can’t get rid of through traditional means.
  • Revitalize Surfaces and Carpets: Many parts of a car’s interior can be replaced when they wear down, but this can be an expensive way to maintain your vehicle. A detail will keep all surfaces and upholstery clean while also protecting against future stains and wear and tear.
  • Germs and Bacteria: A vehicle has hundreds of tiny nooks and crannies where germs can build up over time. Some of these areas—like a cup holder—are easily accessible, while others—like the air vents—are much more difficult to get to. Detailing will ensure that all nasty airborne germs are eliminated.

While there’s no denying that a good-looking car is a nice thing to have, it’s the health benefits and long-term resale value that really make a detail a good investment. Most Americans spend almost 300 hours every year inside their cars, which makes this a place you want clean, comfortable, and healthy for the whole family.

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