Loving your clean car

April is National Car Care Month!

The Car Care Council has designated April as the official Car Care Month, which means now is a great time to re-consider your car care routine. The Car Care Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping car owners realize the importance of regular care, maintenance, and education when it comes to their vehicles—a thing we know from experience is great for making sure your car runs safely and maintains its value for as long as possible.

So why April? Well, as we transition from winter to spring, it makes sense to throw open the windows, do your spring cleaning, and get ready for a great summer of road trips and other car-related adventures.

The End of Winter Driving

Now that the roads are cleared of snow, it’s time to make sure that none of those lingering road chemicals are hanging onto your undercarriage and bumper. It’s also a good idea to take a good, hard look at what the winter has done to both your car’s exterior and interior.

On the exterior, look for areas of build-up that might need a deeper clean than usual. You can also check things like your tires, windshield wipers, and trim to ensure that the snow, ice, and bright winter sun haven’t degraded the rubber and plastic parts.

On the interior, pay close attention to your vents, smoke and pet odors, the carpets where all that mud and snow have been tracked in, and the seats where your passengers and children have spent the winter months. Because allergy season is about to hit in a big way, you want to ensure that your car offers a clean, healthy starting point that will keep airborne irritants to a minimum.

A Great Spring Look!

If you only get your car detailed once or twice a year, now is the time to book your appointment. By taking care of all your car concerns in the month of April, you can rest assured for the entire summer that your vehicle looks—and runs—its best, and that the people you carry are free to enjoy every minute.

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