Important times for car detailing

5 Most Important Times to Detail

Most car experts agree that full auto detailing should be done about two to three times a year (similar to how often you get your oil changed), but this number can vary depending on what your car is used for and how often you’re in it. If you’re on the fence about getting your car detailed, we suggest you consider these five situations when a clean, healthy interior and shining exterior are a must.

  1. When Your Car is Your Business: If you participate in a ride-share service (or if you’re thinking about joining one), most companies will require you to get a full detail or its equivalent before you take on passengers. The same is true if you’re a real estate agent showing houses, if you pick up clients from the airport, or if you’re otherwise responsible for transporting people or goods in a professional capacity. Not only is this a more comfortable way to travel, but your car’s gleaming good looks will have a positive impact on your bottom line.
  2. During the Change of Seasons: The roads are tough on a car’s exterior. Pollen, bird droppings, sap, tar, snow chemicals, brake dust, and other dirt and debris will eventually wreak havoc on the best paint job. A good rule of thumb is to have your car detailed during the transitional stages of the year. This will ensure that you get rid of things like pollen in spring and road salt in winter, and also help you keep track of your detailing schedule.
  3. After a Long Road Trip: The bugs, bird droppings, road chemicals, and other things you pick up on a road trip are very difficult to wash off with a spray of water. A detail will take things to the next level by addressing problem areas and getting into every nook and cranny of your car. (The same is true on the inside of your vehicle, since it’s likely you spilled a few coffees and French fries on the road.) Set aside a little vacation money for a detail once you get back, and you’ll be much more eager to settle into your regular routine.
  4. Before You Sell: If you’re getting ready to sell your car (or if you’re turning in a lease), now is the time to spare no expense on making everything shine. The investment you make now will typically pay off in a big way—people who take the time to detail typically see a return of two to three times their investment. Like staging a home for selling it, this extra step helps people see your vehicle at its best.
  5. When Things Aren’t Looking Their Best: Sometimes, the reason your car is starting to look dingy (both inside and out) is because the protective coatings that normally help it shine are starting to wear off. Waxes and sealants on the outside don’t last forever, and Scotch Guard on the upholstery will eventually wear out. If you can’t help but notice that your vehicle is staining faster and that it’s getting more and more difficult to remove those stains, the time is right for detailing. Not only will we take care of those trouble areas, but we’ll reapply the protective coatings that will keep your car shining for the months ahead.

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