Cleaning your car air vents and changing cabin filters is important to air quality, especially in the Salt Lake Valley

Why Air Vent Dust Can be Dangerous

Of all the hazards and dangers that come with riding in a car, the dust in your air vents probably isn’t one of the things you worry about most. After all, as long as your car is relatively clean on the inside and smells nice, you’ve got everything covered, right?

Not necessarily.

Indoor air quality—including that of cars—is important in keeping allergies at bay and enjoying positive health overall. In fact, according to the American College of Allergists, an estimated 50 percent of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted air indoors. This is especially true if anyone has ever smoked inside your car. Because cigarette smoke gets inside the air system and lingers there, the residue will continue to pervade your air until you thoroughly clean the whole system.

Air and AC Vent Issues

If your car has a bad smell that no amount of cleaning and vacuuming gets rid of, chances are the smell is lodged in your air system. This could be caused by smoke, dust and dirt particles from outside, mold spores, and other bacteria that’s either pulled in from the outside or carried in the car itself.

Although smoke and dust are only dangerous to those with allergies, mold and bacteria can great impact your family’s overall health. If you spend any amount of time in the car, or if you or a loved one suffers from a lung- or allergy-related illness, it’s important to maintain a high level of air quality at all times. Make vent cleaning a regular part of your car wash, and you might be surprised at how much healthier your whole family feels.

Cleaning the Air Vents

Taking care of this issue may require you to replace filters and/or clean out the whole system, but it’s a good idea to start with the air vent itself. Some vent grills are easily removable, and you can lift the panel off to thorough clean both the vent and the area behind it. Others are virtually impossible to remove, which means you’ll need to take a more detailed approach.

Cotton swabs with a long reach, toothbrushes, and compressed air canisters are all ideal for this. Although you can use commercial cleaners, this isn’t recommended, as the smell and potentially harmful chemicals will linger in the vent system. Be sure and take care of the vents that rest up top as well as the lower ones (by your feet), which are often neglected because they aren’t easily visible.

Good Air = Good Health

In recent years, the air quality in Salt Lake City has deteriorated to unhealthy levels on many days, especially in winter months. Generally air quality is one of those things few people think about, but it can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Keep your car vents clean, dust-free, and smelling great—both you and your car deserve it.

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