What Makes Car Wash Soap So Effective?

There’s no denying it—no matter what kind of DIY car wash products you buy or how hard you try to re-create the car wash experience at home, you can never get that same colorful, foamy soap that’s at the drive-thru car wash. As a result, you can never quite get that same perfect shine at home, either.

So what is it about car wash soap that makes it so unique? The answer is more complicated than you might think. 

Soap Designed for Automotive Paint

The number one thing that’s different about car wash soap than any detergent or over-the-counter product is that it’s designed specifically for a car’s finish. It will clean the car and keep the paint shiny without damaging it. It has a neutral pH so it doesn’t strip the wax away. And it will deep clean those troublesome areas without putting your car in contact with unnecessary chemicals.

Even with all this, car wash soap is also gentle enough to be put into drains, which is another important distinction from DIY brands. Since most of the water from a car wash goes into the ground or into a water reclamation system, it cannot be toxic to grass, humans, or other living things. Car wash soap will get your car clean without putting a strain on the environment.

Soap Designed for Easy Cleaning

Another great feature of car wash soap is that it tends to get very foamy, very fast. This isn’t just for fun (although anyone with kids knows it can be). More foam allows you to see the areas where you’re working and to increase the slickness of the car’s surface. Greater slickness means you can clean faster and with less abrasion on the car’s paint—a must whenever you’re worried about the longevity of your paint job.

Of course, it also helps that our soap comes out of a long-handled wand. This wand adds air to the soap so that you can use less of it and still see great results.

Car Wash Soap for all Finishes

The final thing about car wash soap that’s different from other products is that it’s designed for use on multiple surfaces. When you wash a car at home, you need separate cleaners for the automotive body, glass, plastic, metal, and tires. While different products can also help at the car wash (especially if you need to deep clean any troublesome areas), our soap is universally beneficial to all surface types. Regardless of what it is you’re washing, you get the same great soap/conditioning ratio that won’t leave streaks or spots behind.

The car wash experience just wouldn’t be complete without the foamy soap and picture-perfect finish. Next time you’re at the car wash, take a moment to appreciate all that goes into creating a product that’s as perfect as your ride!

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