Cleaning supplies to carry in your car trunk

Must-Have Car Cleaning Supplies to Carry in Your Trunk

Most drivers know that there are a few essentials you should carry in your car at all times. A first aid kid, a roadside emergency kit, a spare tire and jack, and jumper cables are the sorts of things we’re trained to carry from the moment we first sit behind the wheel.

There are also a few cleaning supplies you should be sure and stock up on. It doesn’t matter if you wash your car every week like clockwork, or if you’re more of a last-minute cleaner—with these items on hand, you’ll be that much closer to a perfect shine.

  • Disinfectant Wipes/Baby Wipes: Most parents already have these on hand, but every car owner can benefit from easily accessible wipes. Quickly wipe off a dusty dashboard, sanitize the steering wheel and stick shift between uses, and provide a general overall clean with these cheap and disposable sheets.
  • Window Wipes: Disinfectant wipes can be used to clean a window, but it’s likely to leave streaks and spots behind. Specialty window wipes (like Windex) provide a streak-free clean and are as easily portable as other kinds of wipes.
  • Spot Carpet Cleaner: Although cars vary in terms of the type of upholstery they have, all of them have carpeting on the floors. Keep a spot carpet cleaner on hand for when you need to get to a stain before it sets. These types of cleaners can also be used for fabric upholstery, so that makes them doubly effective.
  • Microfiber Towels: These towels can be used to wipe your car dry after a thorough wash, clean up spills that occur in the interior, or help you buff out difficult and caked on grease. The microfiber is gentle enough that it won’t scratch the paint and is also great for soaking up spills.
  • WD-40: Not only is this versatile chemical used for lubricating car parts, but it can also come in handy for cleaning purposes. Get rid of tar from your car’s exterior, remove adhesives and bumper stickers, and spot-clean difficult areas. You’ll be surprised how much this comes in use.
  • Hand Degreaser: Carrying soap and water isn’t really possible, but you may find yourself wishing for some anytime you pop the hood and do some mechanical work. A water-free hand degreaser will provide a quick and easy clean until you reach somewhere you can do a more in-depth cleaning.
  • Odor Absorber: Getting rid of unwanted smells in your car is a big undertaking, and may require an in-depth detail, but until you can make that happen, an odor absorber or spray air freshener (like Febreeze) can make a big difference. Keep your car smelling great for longer by keeping spares in your trunk.
  • Garbage Bag: Another great item to have is a garbage bag with a good seal. You can toss wet clothes, used wipes, and other things in there, seal it off, and toss it in the trunk for the next time you hit a garbage can where you can dispose of it.

If you organize these supplies correctly, they should take up more than a small space in your car’s trunk. Pull them out as needed and restock as soon as quantities get low.

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