Give the Gift of Car Washing

The best gifts are the ones that you can use on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy, in this day and age, to pop online and purchase virtually anything you want—from specialty banana slicers to life-size cutouts of your favorite sports figure, everything under the sun is just a click of the mouse away. What makes a good gift unique is not only that it comes from someone who cares about you, but that it provides a useful service other than cluttering up your home.

This is one reason why gift cards are so popular right now—and why car wash gift cards in particular are such a good fit. With a gift card, you’re not overstepping the tacky boundaries by giving cash, but you’re also making sure you give a gift that will be used and appreciated. And while a gift card to a coffee shop or a chain store is one option, we encourage you to think smaller by checking out your local car wash. Here’s why.

  • A Car Wash Gift Card Lasts: You can give a one-time car wash as a gift, but most people purchase these as a punch card that provides a month’s or year’s supply of car washes. This really is the gift that keeps on giving, as it provides a service multiple times (often when it’s needed most!).
  • A Car Wash Gift Card is Perfect for Car Lovers: Buying a gift for the car lover in your life can be difficult. Unless you know exactly what kind of aftermarket supplies they need or are in a financial position to buy them a brand new Tesla, chances are you aren’t sure what to get them. But one thing all car lovers have in common is good upkeep of their vehicle, including regular washing.
  • A Car Wash Gift Card is Great for Grads: High school and college graduates often need financial assistance, but providing a one-time gift card to a restaurant or store isn’t likely to help their bottom line. With a car wash gift card, you can free up the money they would have spent on car maintenance for all other life necessities.
  • A Car Wash Gift Card is Also Great for Dads: This is also true for mothers, sweet sixteens, and those in need of a stocking suffer. Washing a car is one of those things everyone does (or should be doing), so it just makes sense.
  • A Car Wash Gift Card is Quick and Easy: Need a last minute gift? A car wash gift card couldn’t be easier. Because we cater to those just driving through for a few minutes, you can be in and out the door in no time.
  • A Car Wash Gift Card is Great for “Problem” Shoppers: If you have problems shopping for gifts, or if you’re buying for a notoriously difficult friend or relative, this kind of gift is perfect. Your money stays local, it goes to a good cause, and it also provides a service everyone uses.

Another great reason to buy a car wash gift card is to use it yourself. If you want to pre-purchase a package of car washes to use all year long, don’t forget to include yourself on the recipient list!

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