Benefits of car wax shine, paint and finish protection

The Difference Car Wax Makes

You already take the time to wash and rinse your car on a regular basis. You stop by the car wash every week to keep your exterior looking great. And you never park out in the sun or elements, so you aren’t too worried about the damages of the environment.

Do you really need to worry about car wax, too?

The short answer is yes. Car wax is a lot like a clear coat of nail polish or that final sealant on top of your deck—it’s the last layer of protection against the outside. Not only does it provide protection against the elements, but also from daily wear and tear.

For example, when you use a car (or your fingernails or deck, for that matter), you’re putting a strain on the finish. Dropping things on the surface, heavy treads, and even well-intentioned cleaning all contribute to the final condition. With a wax layer in place, you’re never directly impacting the underlying foundation—you’re only interacting with the wax.

Benefits of Car Wax Shine and Protection

While anyone who wants to keep their car’s exterior in good repair should use car wax, there are other benefits, as well.

  • Protect the Paint: The more coats of wax you have, the better protected the paint underneath is. If you’re worried about fading, scratching, or other damages to your car’s paint, then wax should become your best friend.
  • Shiny Finish: Most car waxes offer a reflective shine that looks great under the sparkling Salt Lake sun. If you love that glossy, straight-off-the-lot shine, car wax will help you achieve it.
  • Sun Damage Protection: That glossy shine isn’t just for looks—it’s also helpful in reflecting the sun’s harmful UV rays. Over a long period of time, the UV rays can break down your car’s color. With wax, the damage is much more minimal.
  • Keep Cleaner for Longer: The wax also helps repel dirt and water streaks. We’ve all seen how beads of water run off a waterproof surface as compared to a non-waterproof one—wax offers a water barrier and a dirt barrier so that your car stays cleaner for longer.

Although you should do a deep car wax by hand once or twice a year, most modern cars can get by on a spray-on wax the majority of the time. During your next visit to the car wash, take a few extra minutes to use the spray wax feature such as our Turtle Wax ICE, covering all the nooks and crannies on your vehicle’s exterior. For a small investment of time and money, you’ll get big returns!

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