Change your cars windshield wiper blades at the car wash -- make it a seasonal maintenance routine

Change Your Wiper Windshield Blades at the Car Wash

For most drivers, it’s a good idea to change your windshield wiper blades every six months. In Salt Lake City, it may be necessary to increase that to every four to six months, as extreme weather conditions can degrade the rubber faster. The freezing temperatures of winter and bright sun of summer both work equally hard at wearing your wipers down.

As soon as the blades no longer make a good seal against the windshield, they can streak and smear during a rain or snowstorm, thereby reducing your visibility and making driving a hazard. That’s why we suggest you build a regular wiper blade rotation into your car wash routine.

When to Change Your Windshield Wipers

Ideally, you should change your windshield wipers seasonally. This means that as soon as winter draws to a close and it no longer freezes at night, it’s a good time to upgrade your wipers. This will help ensure that you’re ready for spring showers. It’s also a good idea to change them at the end of summer or fall in order to prepare for the upcoming cold season.

You can also perform an inspection to determine if you need to speed up or slow down your rotation schedule. Next time you’re at the car wash, take a moment to examine your blades. Are they cracked or discolored? Has the rubber become loose? It might be time to change them.

How to Change Your Wipers

Fortunately, changing windshield wipers is fairly easy, especially if you’re already at the car wash. You can purchase your blades at most automotive stores, but be sure to match the size and type to your vehicle’s specific make and model, as there are different sizes for every car. From there, the old ones typically need to be unclipped before the new ones are clipped on.

For a step-by-step breakdown, you can:

  1. Lift the arm away from the windshield and find the tab or button that allows the blade to slide on and off.
  2. Press the tab and remove the old wiper blade. It’s important to keep the arms up and away from the windshield at this time, as the exposed metal can cause scratches.
  3. Take the new blade out of the packaging and line it up with the arm. You’ll need to insert the arm through the appropriate hole in the wiper, leaving enough room for the arm’s hook to go over it. When done properly, it should click into place.

If you have any problems removing the old wiper or inserting the new one, being at the car wash allows you to ask for help. You can also use our garbage facilities to dispose of the old ones and, once you’ve attached the new blades, give them a test on your wet windshield.

Car Wash Maintenance and Routine

Stock up on a few extra windshield blades the next time you’re at the store and keep them in your trunk. That way, you can perform a quick check every time you’re at the car wash—and if they need to be changed, you’re just five minutes away from completing the job and hitting the road safely.

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