After Car Detailing Care Guide

Admit it—your car has never looked so good. You just got a full detail done and couldn’t be happier with the way it looks both inside and out. The only trick now is to keep it looking perfect.

After the detail is done and you hit the road, the real work begins. This quick guide to keeping your car in tip-top shape will help you maintain that sparkling clean until it’s time for the next detail.

  • Park Indoors: Whenever possible, park your car indoors or under a covering of some sort. Even with the best wax finish in the world, sun, dust, rain, pollen, and other environmental hazards will eventually start to work on your car. Parking indoors will slow this process down.
  • Carry Microfiber: If you do park outside or get caught in a quick storm, having a set of microfiber towels in your trunk could be the perfect solution. Give your car a quick wipe-down (this should take no more than a few minutes) until you can head in for a more thorough clean.
  • Address Problems Immediately: Are bugs stuck to the windshield? Did a flock of birds fly overhead? Instead of putting that trouble area out of mind, clean it up as soon as possible—ideally, before it has a chance to dry.
  • Organize the Interior: If you have pets, kids, or spend a lot of time inside your car, it can be difficult to keep the interior tidy. Get in the habit of installing a garbage can or coming up with other organizational hacks that make it easy to keep things clean. A packet of wet wipes in the glove box is often enough to handle quick spills.
  • Dust Regularly: Of all the issues in keeping the inside of a car clean, dust seems to be one of the worst. Carry a canister of air or use those aforementioned microfiber towels to perform a quick weekly wipe-down of the inside.
  • Don’t Smoke or Eat in the Car: Smoking or eating in your car can be a tough habit to break, but it’s better for your vehicle in the long run. Use your recent detail as the jump start you need to stop smoking, eating, or drinking in your car.
  • Get Regular Washes: You don’t have to detail your car every week, but you should be in the habit of washing it that often. By working a regular wash into your routine, you can extend the life of your detail for much longer overall.

It’s also a good idea to schedule your next detail before you leave the facility. Like getting regular dental checkups, having that appointment in your calendar will ensure that you stay on top of your cleaning schedule and keep your vehicle looking great.

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