Prepping for a Summer Road Trip

Nothing says summer sun and lifelong memories quite like a road trip. As soon as the weather turns mild and school lets out, thousands of families hit the road for a long-distance vacation that’s equal parts relaxation and adventure. And it doesn’t matter if you’re headed directly to a special destination like a theme park or if you plan on seeing where the road takes you—the days ahead are going to be filled with lots of car time.

After Car Detailing Care Guide

Admit it—your car has never looked so good. You just got a full detail done and couldn’t be happier with the way it looks both inside and out. The only trick now is to keep it looking perfect.

After the detail is done and you hit the road, the real work begins. This quick guide to keeping your car in tip-top shape will help you maintain that sparkling clean until it’s time for the next detail.

Does Regular Detail Work Increase Car Value?

Buying a car is a big investment these days. With more high-tech and eco-friendly options hitting the market, people are putting out more money for their vehicles in hopes that they’ll be able to drive them for a longer period of time. In fact, the average American now holds onto their car for eighteen months longer than they did ten years ago—a reflection of higher car costs and better automotive durability.

How Important is it to Dry Your Car after a Wash?

If you’ve ever run your car through an automatic car wash or drive-up wash stand, you’ll always find people who are taking the time to dry their vehicles by hand. And for good reason. This step, which might seem like a waste of time, is actually one of the most important ones in the car washing process.

Although it is possible allow your car to air dry and still enjoy the benefits of a deep clean, you won’t get that truly perfect sparkle unless you dry it as soon after the wash as possible.

DIY Car Detailing for Beginners

Car detailing can be an overwhelming task if you’ve never done it before. Not only are cars are full of all kinds of mysterious nooks and crannies you don’t want to overlook, but there are so many different products on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

Ideally, you should have a professional detail done at least twice a year. This will give your car a good foundation to start from, and ensure that any areas you overlook are tended to. From there, you can DIY your detailing once a month or so depending on your needs.

Getting Rid of Leaf Stains

Cleaning car leaf stains from your paintMost of us are accustomed to dealing with the biggest car wash challenges—bugs that stick to the bumper and windshield, harsh chemicals kicked up from winter roadways, and sap and pollen falling from trees. However, there’s another unlikely culprit you need to watch out for: leaf stains.

The beautiful autumn foliage might look great as it falls from the trees, but when they land on your car, there’s a chance you could end up with a dirty, leaf-stained exterior. This is especially true if the leaves have been on the car for some time, as the natural tannins in the leaves can transfer to your paint and leave difficult-to-remove spots.

Why DIY Car Washes are the Best

 Do it yourself  car wash dryingThere’s nothing like good, old-fashioned elbow grease when it comes to getting the most out of your car wash. Although there’s something to be said for automatic car washes, which allow you to get in and out without even exiting your car, nothing will get your vehicle in better condition—and for less money—than a self-serve car wash. Here’s why.

Car Maintenance Checklist You Can Perform at the Car Wash

Check your cars exterior for scratches and dingsRegular car maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. By taking ten extra minutes the next time you stop at the car wash, you can combine the task of cleaning your vehicle and making sure everything is in working order. Save time by getting everything done at once and save money by taking care of potential problems before they arise.

Vehicle Exterior

As you walk around your car soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing, keep an eye on these features:

  • Body for cracks/dings/scratches
  • Wipers for wear and tear
  • Headlights and taillights for cracks
  • Tire tread and condition

The Difference Car Wax Makes

Benefits of car wax shine, paint and finish protectionYou already take the time to wash and rinse your car on a regular basis. You stop by the car wash every week to keep your exterior looking great. And you never park out in the sun or elements, so you aren’t too worried about the damages of the environment.

Do you really need to worry about car wax, too?

The short answer is yes. Car wax is a lot like a clear coat of nail polish or that final sealant on top of your deck—it’s the last layer of protection against the outside. Not only does it provide protection against the elements, but also from daily wear and tear.

Getting Your Kids Involved at the Car Wash

Teach kids proper car washing techniquesAlmost everyone has fond childhood memories of washing a car. Whether you remember standing in your front yard with a hose, a bucket, and sign informing passersby of your great deal on a car wash, or if you were permitted to scoot up to the front seat while the car whizzed through the automatic wash, chances are you and the family car had some good times together.

By getting your own kids active and involved at the car wash, you’re not only helping build new memories, but you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle that encourages responsible behavior. The next time you pull into our Salt Lake car wash, consider getting your kids to help in the self-serve bay.